Five Child-Friendly Websites to Help You Learn English!

Five Child-Friendly Websites to Help You Learn English!

If you are one of our online students, you’re probably well on your way to bettering your English proficiency. However, you probably also know that not everything can be covered in your tutoring sessions.

Whether you are looking to improve some of your basic skills or improving on some more complex subjects, these are some useful – yet child-friendly – websites to help you along the way!

Breaking News English Lessons: Easy English World News Materials – ESL

Breaking News English Lessons is a great resource where you can find thousands of free lessons that provide you with a section to listen to short recordings, fill in the gaps and other fun activities. It also covers up-to-date news articles that have been adapted for learners of every level. Each of these articles also come with a variety of exercises for you to practice all of your skills.

For teachers, this website is fantastic for gathering printable handouts for the classroom too!

Oxford Owl for School and Home

If you are looking for a useful site for your kids (or for basic language topics) then this might be the website you’re looking for.

This website has two sections:

  1. Oxford Owl for School – gives you teaching resources and expert school improvement support. This requires access from a school to join.
  2. Oxford Own for Home – this section gives you free access to support and resources at home.

If you’re looking for some useful, but FREE, eBooks for your 3-to-11-year olds, go check them out!


This next website is a fantastic resource for interactive games and lessons for your kids. It even uses some very popular children’s shows, such as Arthur, to keep them interested along the way. If you are seeking some more difficult challenges for your young ones, it has a section for harder games too.

As a bonus, it even has a few short videos to improve their listening skills!Child friendly English websites

EWE – Easy World of English

Easy World of English is a creative website filled with interactive resources free to your use. Built by teachers for students learning English, it is website with a lot of useful resources ready at the click of a button.

This website has also been split into four sections:

  1. Pronunciation – to help you improve your vocabulary and verbal pronunciation.
  2. Grammar – where you can find an extensive list of grammatical phrases in various forms to help you understand and apply them appropriately.
  3. Reading – short readings with a quick quiz at the end.
  4. Picture dictionary – where you can find the definitions for different words through pictures.

BBC Learning English – BBC Learning English – Homepage

BBC Learning English, much like its GCSE equivalent BBC Bitesize, is an excellent resource for both teachers and students. It has similar videos as the other ones and has a few short animated stories for children. It is also filled with quizzes and exercises to practice various skills too!

It also has a section for some free English courses you can take to wow your tutor on your next session!

Hopefully, these websites can assist you to becoming a fluent English language speaker!

Have another website you want to recommend? Leave a comment below!

If you are more of a visual or audible learner, go check out our previous post and check out our list of Six Language YouTubers to Help You Learn English!

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