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Learn English on Skype with us

Welcome to our courses! Since 2010, we have taught hundreds of students British, American or Australian English on Skype. Should you prefer one nationality over the other - let us know. The differences are minor and you can learn perfect English from any native speaker. Most of our teachers are British Skype English teachers as we are UK based - however, we celebrate English in all its shapes and forms!

Our teachers are all degree educated, qualified TEFL tutors - including CELTA and Trinity certified. Unlike in other countries, British Council schools require these qualifications and it has become a UK standard of quality, so it is very important that your teacher has one of these qualifications.

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General English on Skype

Students usually work through course books given by us. In addition to the tasks in the book, teachers include exercises of their own to keep the lessons interesting and fresh. Most importantly, We plan all lessons around your needs - More grammar? More vocabulary? More writing? More speaking? You decide. We will adapt the course as your English develops. You may choose to focus on just grammar for a month or you may just want to discuss different themes and work on your fluency.

Business English on Skype

Students choose to study Skype Business English for a variety of reasons:

- Presentation preparation.
- Email checking.
- Business writing skills.
- General Business English skills

If a student wants to focus on General Business English skills on Skype, we usually use a course book. If not, tailor-made tasks and activities are arranged for the student.

Exam English on Skype

We prepare students on Skype for their IELTS, FCE, CAE and CPE amongst others. Our classes are effective. Our students consistently achieve their desired marks with us. To help students do this we:

- Use past papers and a whole range of course books to more than prepare you.

- Record live speaking tasks and play them back in the lessons to improve levels in a detailed manner. This method has proved to be really successful for us.

- Do live writing tasks together in the lesson using Google Docs. You dictate and the teacher types. This way you can get your essays out quicker allowing your teacher to work on more of your writing skills.

- Real time tests in the class.

Kids' English on Skype

Studying English on Skype is surprisingly fruitful for children. We limit lessons to 15 minutes for under 7s and 30 minutes for 7 to 12 year olds to help them with concentration levels. Students of 12 and older can usually handle 45 minutes no problem. We help young learners to:

- Enjoy using English on Skype in a fun and playful environment.

- Learn grammar through games and interactive tasks.

- Talk freely and confidently.

- Do English homework tasks effectively (including their native school's tasks if required).

Learn English on Skype with us

We teach all levels from total beginners to advanced. We even offer teacher training to English language teachers. All courses are tailor-made to suit each individual student's requirements. We teach:

General English
Business English
Exam English (IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE...)
Kids' English

All our courses cover all your needs as student. For a more detailed explanation on each course please scroll down the page. We will help you improve your:

Fluency - speaking confidently.
Comprehension - understanding easily.
Grammatical accuracy - all grammar is covered depending on your needs.
Lexical bank - expanding your vocabulary.
Natural English - phrasal verbs, idioms and slang.
Pronunciation - speaking clearly.

Also, importantly... You talk, we correct. Our Skype English teachers are well drilled to correct you at all times. Unlike other Skype English schools, we pride ourselves on this fact, so you will improve rapidly. We encourage you to talk as much as possible. Our teachers are experienced so you will not be faced with a boring teacher simply talking at you. It is roughly student talk-time 70%, teacher 30%.

Learning English on Skype is wonderful in terms of the resources at your fingertips. In our classes we use:

Google Docs for real time corrections.
Countless online exercises.

You will be given all the resources you need to learn English on Skype effectively. We will give you:

A detailed transcript of all corrections given in the lesson (found in your Skype chat box).
Course books in digital format - including audio.
Homework is set for all students.
Lessons can be recorded if requested.

Cameras can be used in lessons. It's up to you. 50% of our students like to have their cameras on, 50% don't. Skype English allows for flexibility. Teachers and students work around each other's schedules so you can have lessons when they best suit you. You can change your Skype English teacher as many times as you like, however most students stay with their first, as an effective relationship is usually quickly established.

English online UK Visa/Immigration application courses

Whether at home or abroad, we can help you prepare for the exam you need to pass, to successfully apply for a UK visa or to live here permanently.

The B1, A2 and A1 English language test is required for these applications: British settlement, Naturalisation and Spouse visa applications (including extended spouse visas (level A2 is only for Spouse/Partner visas and extension to visas).

'Life in the UK Test' is required when applying for citizenship to live permanently in the UK or for indefinite leave. Applicants have 45 minutes to answer 24 questions, of which a minimum of 17 must be correct to pass. We will help you prepare for this too.

Examinations operate under CEFR (European of Reference for Languages). One of two exams can be taken, Trinity College London -or- British Council, both approved by the home office.