Spring Fever for those Spring Idioms

Spring Fever for those Spring Idioms

It’s that time of year again! The sun is burning away the clouds, there’s a little less rain and the flowers are ready to wake from their winter-long sleep.

Although it’s that perfect time to plant our vegetables, it is an equally perfect time to be working on our English phrases! And what better phrases to learn than those related to spring?

So let’s spring into action and learn 5 new idioms with the word ‘spring’ in them!

1.Spring to life – “Although she’s very quiet in the morning, after lunch, she quickly springs to life!”
We use this phrase when a quiet place or a person becomes suddenly very active.

2. No spring chicken – “Wait for me! I’m 60 years old now, I’m no spring chicken!”
We use this phrase to talk about someone who is saying they are not young anymore, much like a baby chick who hatches in spring.

3. Spring to mind – “No ideas spring to mind. I really don’t know where else to look.”
We use this phrase when something suddenly appears in your thoughts or you suddenly think of someone or something.spring cherry blossom tree

4. Spring cleaning – “It’s time for some spring cleaning! I’ll organise the kitchen, if you organise the sitting room.”
This means to fully clean out a house or space, especially come spring time.

5. Spring fever – “She’s so restless at the moment. She has spring fever.”
This is used to describe someone who is acting very excitable, usually because the weather is getting warmer after a cold winter indoors.

I hope these five phrases will give you a little head start this spring. Of course, if you want more help, then why don’t you message one of our fantastic English tutors here at Brown Cow English?! info@browncowenglish.com