6 Phrases to keep you toasty this autumn!

6 Phrases to keep you toasty this autumn!

Cassandra Brewis – Brown Cow English

Autumn is just around the corner and with it we are pulling out the long-buried jumpers and scarves, and making our way to the coffee shops for those autumn specialties like, one of my top favourites, pumpkin spiced lattes!

If you’re learning English then you will hear lots of phrases, that although you may hear all year around, are based on autumn related words.

Here are 6 phrases to keep your English skills toasty and warm!

1. To turn over a new leaf

When you want to start again from the beginning. This usually has to do with your lifestyle.
– That’s it! I’m turning over a new leaf. I will get a new job and start at the gym.

2. To squirrel away

To hide things away, saving them for a later time. This phrase comes from the fact that squirrels hide their nuts throughout the autumn for the winter.
– I’ve been squirreling my money away so I can buy myself some new shoes next month.

3. Under the weather

When you aren’t feeling too well. This comes from the fact that as the weather gets colder, people start to catch colds and flus.
– John can’t go to the party. He’s feeling under the weather.

autumn pumpkins

4. An old chestnut

People use it when someone brings up a topic that has already been spoken about before.
– Not that old chestnut again! I thought we’ve already solved this problem!

5. It drives me nuts

To make someone feel like they are going crazy. This is one I personally use all the time!
– Please stop annoying me. You’re driving me nuts!

6. It’s raining cats and dogs

Probably one of the most famous English idioms, this refers to really bad weather when it’s raining really heavily.
– Wow, it’s raining cats and dogs out there! When will the rain stop?

I hope you give some of these new phrases a go! If you need any more help, feel free to get in touch with one of our fantastic online tutors with Brown Cow English!