10 Common Idioms

10 Common Idioms

Do you see eye to eye with your partner on politics? Idioms make up a big part of the English language and are partly why English can be a rather tricky language to learn and understand. Therefore, it is important to know some of the most common ones to help you sound more like a native speaker.

What is an idiom?

Idioms are phrases that have a different meaning to the actual words being used. The phrase, therefore, carries its own meaning.most common idioms

Here are ten common idioms you could try using in your own English:
● The pot calling the kettle black – referring to someone being hypocritical
● We see eye-to-eye – both agree
● Have your head in the clouds – to not be concentrating
● Fit as a fiddle (or fit as a horse) – to be very healthy
● Once in a blue moon – very rarely
● On thin ice – if you make another mistake, you will be in trouble
● Live and learn – to learn from your mistakes
● Kill two birds with one stone – to do one action with two favourable outcomes
● The cat is out of the bag – the secret is out
● Good things come to those who wait – be patient

There you go! Now you have ten idioms to help you master the art of English. Check out this great idioms dictionary here.

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