Skype vs Zoom

Skype vs Zoom

In the past, it was very common for students to go into a classroom with many other students to learn from a teacher. This, of course, has changed in many ways.

Although learning online has predated the pandemic, the ensuing impact of the pandemic has pushed for significant change and newer and more refined resources. This blog post will explore the differences between learning a language with an online tutor through Skype and Zoom.

Although some of these differences may seem arbitrary, they can actually affect the way you learn and access online resources.


Skype is an online video conferencing tool that has been around since 2003. Throughout the years, it has developed and changed quite significantly. It is powered by Microsoft and comes standard with their devices. Currently, it is being integrated with Microsoft’s new platform, Microsoft Teams.

What are the benefits and drawbacks?


  • You can use Skype for calling overseas and video conferencing.
  • It is a very basic platform and is easy to access and function.
  • You can share your screen
  • You can send different files
  • You can use a chat function
  • You can record lessons


  • It has a short life left. This means that, although it is still usable, they are phasing its use and updates out.
  • It isn’t as stable as Zoom and the more people you have on it, the more it tends to cause lagging issues (though that doesn’t always happen to everyone!)
  • It isn’t an option if you’re living in ChinaSkype vs zoom


Zoom is also a video conferencing software programme developed for businesses, schools and personal calls. It became a popular choice for schools and businesses to use when the pandemic forced people to stay at home since early 2020.


  • It allows you to connect with up to 100 people in one call on the free version.
  • It allows the tutor to control the functions of the screen during class (which is excellent for children).
  • You have a whiteboard feature which allows you and your participants to draw on the screen
  • There is a chat function to type messages
  • You can record lessons to look back on later
  • If you or your tutor need to share your screen, Zoom enables this.
  • Better privacy meaning only people with the code or invitation to the lesson can join. However, you can still request a meeting with your tutor.
  • It’s available to students in China
  • It tends to be a lot more stable on the internet than Skype.


  • You are restricted to a 40-minute call on the free version making 1-hour lessons trickier if you have more than two people on the call.
  • Sharing screens can take up a lot of bandwidth and can sometimes cause technical issues on older devices.

My verdict?

Go with Zoom! For long-term prospects, Zoom is more likely to fulfil yours and your tutor’s needs for a more extensive period of time. With its extremely useful features, you’re tutor is likely to provide you some of the top-quality teaching out there!

Did you know that either way, we offer both? Of course we do!

Still not sure which one would best suit your needs? Get in contact with one of our lovely tutors to find out more!