Brown Cow English Improved With Website Maintenance Services

Brown Cow English Improved With Website Maintenance Services

Hey all! Due to the huge success of our online English language courses and the high demand for lessons, we have decided to invest in making our website more user friendly by using the services of a website maintenance company to look after our website to deliver you the best possible service, usability and latest news!

Our Goal

As we are fast becoming an industry leader in online English training courses we feel that our website and online presence needs to reflect this. We want to give all of our customers, and potential customers, the best possible experience whilst being on our website

The Wheels Are in Motion!

This month we have been looking on Google for professional WordPress website maintenance services from a company that has years of experience in managing websites and having the ability to advise us how to develop our business further. After intense research and speaking to loads of website management companies there was one that stood out head and shoulders above the rest! We spoke to the guys at a number of times on how they could manage our website and also what ideas they had for taking our site forward in the future.

We were excited with their plans and ideas for our business, as I will go into later, and I’m sure you will agree it’s exciting times ahead for Brown Cow English and our online English language courses.

So What’s Next?

SixtyMarketing are starting by improving the appearance and usability of our site allowing you to browse our web pages with ease to view, and to signup for our services. Performance and speed will be improved allowing our pages to be delivered to you anywhere, on any device at any time!

We will be including more information about our services, about Brown Cow English and more information and background on our online English teachers. This will allow you to know absolutely everything about Brown Cow English, everything included in our courses and the full background and qualifications of all our English teachers giving you that reassurance of what we have to offer, allowing you to purchase in confidence.

And For The Future?

We have a lot of exciting developments for over the next couple of months with improvements to the site! What we are planning to provide is the easiest, most cost effective form of learning English online and maintaining the one on one tuition we pride ourselves on here at Brown Cow English.

Were looking to develop new and exciting ways to teach our courses but keeping our prices affordable for everyone who wants to learn English online.

Keeping You Up To Date

We are going to be updating our Facebook and Twitter accounts regularly with the progression of our website’s new features and updates. Not only that, we will be updating our blog more often with helpful learning tips and advice on how to help you to pick up the English language quickly and efficiently!

There is a lot in store for Brown Cow English today, tomorrow and in the future, establishing ourselves as the only place to go to learn English online!